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Three cars in a row that have tinted windows



Make your car feel as cool as it looks. Applying one of our range of window films will make you more comfortable and protect your vehicles interior in sunny weather. Particularly leather upholstery.

All Johnson Window Films reject 99% of UV Rays and up to 43% of the heat.


Safe Plus safety and security films are an economical and effective means of strengthening glass and are designed to hold glass together when damaged.

Whether as the result of an accident or by attempted break in to your vehicle Safe Plus clear or tinted films give you the added protection that is not afforded by glass alone.

Applied to the inside it holds the glass together so preventing easy access for the opportunist thief or attacker. It acts as a real deterrent. The attacker cannot readily push the glass in from the outside however the occupant could push the broken pane out from the inside in an accident situation.

After Sales

Window films require time to dry out after application. The time to dry out varies by film and to the weather conditions during this period. At Advanced Window Films we ask that you bring your car back after approximately two weeks so that we can check that the film has settled in properly. This is done completely free of charge.

Johnson Window Films guarantee your film will not bubble, crack, or flake and we guarantee the workmanship for the lifetime of your vehicle subject to the application being allowed to dry properly after application.

If you are unlucky enough to have one of your windows broken our associated company, FGA Windsceens, can supply the glass and we can have it tinted ready to get you back to normal as soon as is practical. FGA Windsceens are based at the same unit and they can also deal with most insurance claims direct with your insurer or if you want to pay they have very competitive prices for most glass.